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Welcome to Jeffrey Stockton dot net!

This a personal blog that I made for a school project. My job is to blog about my daily life for my undergrad English class. I doubt if anyone will read this but I’ll be writing about everything from my schoolwork to my job (which I hate) to the crazy things that my dog Frito does. This is my second year at the University of Hawaii. I moved here from Delaware because I grew up surfing but hated the cold water back home.

Once I got here I knew this place was home. I visited Honolulu once as a kid when my family and I were here on vacation and I always dreamed of coming back. When I was in high school all of my friends were either staying in Delaware or at the furthest going to college in California. I had my mind made up to go to U of Hawaii so it was the only school I applied to…fortunately I got in because my grades were not the best.

So here I am two years later writing a blog for my English class. I’m majoring in history because it was always my favorite subject in school growing up. Of all the history classes I’ve taken so far Hawaiian history has been by far my favorite. The state of Hawaii has an amazing history which most people don’t even know about. Their history is the classic story of an indigenous people who were exploited by white settlers who forced their ideals on them in the name of God.

Once I graduate I can either get a job as an English teacher or I can go on to grad school. I’ve been actually debating whether to get a graduate degree in Hawaiian history. I’m not sure if a degree in that field will pay very well but at least I’ll be doing something I enjoy.

Who Is Jeffrey Stockton?

Outside of school a few other things that I really enjoy (besides surfing obviously) is hiking and skateboarding with my dog Frito (yes he skateboards.) I first got Frito when he was a puppy after some friends and I moved off campus. We moved into a house so I thought we needed a dog. He was by far the coolest dog in the litter but I had no idea he would grow up to be the coolest dog ever. Frito eats anything…even beer. We can’t leave anything around the house or he’ll eat it. When we have parties you have to watch your beers or he’ll knock them over and lick up the beer. Smart, huh?

Anyway back to the skateboarding. One day I was skateboarding while taking Frito for a walk and I lost my balance and the skateboard shot out from under me and Frito took off after it and jumped on. He rode for like a block before he ran into the curb. Since then I’ve been taking him to the park with me to skateboard and everyone gets a kick out of watching him skate. It also helps with the ladies because they always come up to me and ask to pet him and stuff.

Well that should be enough words to satisfy my first English assignment. My next post will be about a hike that my friends and I are going on this weekend. I can’t remember the name of the place but it’s somewhere out in Hawaii Kai.


Jeffrey Stockton

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